Prior to entering University I already had a decade worth of experience assisting my father and his brothers - all architects & carpenters - design and construct homes. It wasn't too long after learning how to walk that I not only learned how to carry lumber, but also the value of detailed craftsmanship and spatial arrangement. Additionally, I had an invaluable exposure to commercial photography through another Uncle, a professional photographer, by working as his assistant.

My Uncles gave me the nickname 'markiedoodle' when I was young, I assume, due to the fact that I was always giggling and doodling. I frequently had difficulty containing my laughter in school, which lead to several suspensions and a stern write up: 'Mark will never live up to his full potential unless he learns to contain his laughter.' What is full potential without laughter?

The infection of a comedic perspective didn't seem to restrain me from securing multiple scholarships to Purdue University. However, a looming Economic Recession and the prudence of my Midwestern mentors influenced my choice to pursue Engineering verses a degree in an Art related field. Despite the encouragement of my Photography teachers and multiple Abstract photography awards as a 17 year old, I chose an educational path that would provide a framework for any future career.

Upon graduation with a degree in Civil Engineering, I somehow found time away from my entry level positions to pursue another blooming talent as a professional triathlete, training in the SF Bay area. I deserted Engineering and managed my financial sustenance through the collaborative wherewithal of modeling, silk screening, and teaching.

After nine years surviving a career as a professional Triathlete, I moved to New York City. It was there where I met my friend and mentor, Charlie Welch, a Set Designer & Prop Stylist currently with Jed Root Agency. Together, we have collaborated on several photographic, residential and personal projects. I've discovered that dedication to rigorous execution combined with laughter is a highly valued commodity after all.

Today, my work and clients are as eclectic as my life. I like to bring the combination between my logical, problem solving persona and my creative aesthetic to every project and custom element.

And I still giggle. A lot.

Set Design & Props