If you are reading this you have probably googled the word 'conspectus' and are now wondering what other cheeky dividends you may find as you proceed to stalk vet me.

What you may find during your probe is that I have worked as a Silk Screener, a Printer, a General Contractor, a Professional Triathlete, a Civil Enginner, a Model, an Aquatics Director, a GoGo Dancer, a Photographers Assistant, and as a Carpenter.

Personally I am an Uncle, a Husband, an advocate for homeless LGTBQI youth, a Hoosier, a Cheesehead, a swimmer, a backpacker, a traveler, a proud Gay Man, and most importantly; a seeker of the perfect .gif to send you during the most inopportune moment.

Nothing has suited me better than being a Set Designer and Prop Stylist. It takes an obscure background combined with an eclectic group of skills to undertake the creative challenges thrown our way. Probably why I love it so much.

I began dedicating myself to Set Design & Prop styling in 2012 and have been fortunate enough to establish StoodilyDoodleyO in 2022. StoodilyDoodleyO has already facilitated on many projects after breaking ground in 2021. If you're still reading this, you of course have already clicked the link to your left and are concurently juggling two browser tabs absorbing all you can about the facility and our production capabilities.

What else is there to winnow through? Waltz by my client list and ask around for endorsements and reviews.

You will find that I am as relentless as I am ridiculous.

Regardless of your project, budget or intentions please feel free to contact me.

My Mid-Western upbringing necessitates I provide some means of assistance, whether directly or indirectly.

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